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A PETRONAS appointed Counterpart Company, we supply all grades of petrochemicals. Such as;

  • LDPE
  • HDPE

In March 2011 the company, based on results of reliable data on Petrochemical market in Nigeria and Bangladesh, the company initiated negotiations with PETRONAS with the objective of identifying the opportunities in the target market, Nigeria and the sub-region.

The company had since then completed an initial market survey and still has an on-going probation of the market to ensure successful market entry in Nigeria.

It had gone on the ground in the target market and has enlisted companies and professional bodies to gather intelligence in market entry strategy.

The petrochemical industry is an important sector in Malaysia, with investments estimated at over RM 28 billion.

With 29 petrochemical plants throughout Malaysia producing 39 types of petrochemical products, the growth of the industry has transformed Malaysia from a net importer to exporter of major petrochemical products.

A wide range of petrochemicals are produced in Malaysia, such as olefins, polyolefins, aromatics, ethylene oxides, glycols, oxo-alcohols, exthoxylates, acrylic acids, pthalic anhydride, acetic acid, styrene monomer, polystyrene ethylbenzene, vinyl chloride monomer and polyvinyl chloride.

Nigeria market is unique.

And because Petrochemical sector is a highly technological and capital intensive industry, the important factor of availability of Oil and Gas as feedstock is undermined by various negative impacts particularly in Nigeria.

This fact is especially true for Nigerian Petrochemical manufacturers.

However comparatively, despite the availability of feedstock in Nigeria, a very large population and high demand for Petrochemical products, there is still discrepancy and the need for imports to meet demand in Nigeria.

Nigeria lacks well-developed infrastructure, very weak base of supporting services and lacks of cost competiveness.

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