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Renewable energyOur approach is to work directly with customers to achieve a properly balanced and well integrated system for the most cost effective and efficient solution.

This means the customer’s needs in terms of the available renewable resources, maintenance and service capabilities, load profile, available budget, wind speeds and patterns, irradiation and others are taken into consideration.

Proper evaluation of all of these and more will help to determine the best-suited power system for the customer.

Our product range includes complete photovoltaic energy power systems (solar power), wind energy power systems, Hybrid Remote Area Power System (RAPS) and UPS Quality Back-up Power Solutions.

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By late 2008, the company set to work on the necessary prerequisite for its major business: marketing, including sales, installation and after-sales of fully integrated renewable energy power systems.

Faredeal Technology Worldwide (M) Sdn Bhd has strategic partnership arrangement with Malaysia based Noorisba Technologies Sdn. Bhd, an established manufacturer of high-value renewable energy power systems.

Noorisba Technologies is the official authorized master distributor and regional support centre for all Outback Power System products. This cooperation allows Faredeal Technology to market, including sales and technical back-up services, Noorisba’s and United States Arlington based Outback Power Systems products and services.

The company also signed an understanding of strategic cooperation with Solarland in 2010. These partnerships placed Faredeal Technology in a position of responsibility to enhance the reputation of its partners by giving unrivalled level of service to customers.

In line with the company’s Vision, Faredeal Tech’s offering will be technically advanced, with clear-cut advantages and improvements over competitor’s possible offering. Through quality, affordable and dependable offerings, we will continue to meet our client’s demand for efficient service.

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